Academy for Lifelong Learning: Lecture tomorrow

Tomorrow at 1:30 I will be giving a lecture for the Academy of Lifelong Learning (ALL) in Corvallis.  ALL is an academy created for people in the Corvallis community interested in pursuing not just a single education, but a lifetime’s worth of education.  It was created (or is at least supported by) the OSU Alumni association and is attended by the Corvallis retiree community, recent and longtime alumni of the university, and members of the community.

The talk I’ll be giving tomorrow will discuss interactions between humans and whales throughout history and the impact of whaling on human development.  I will also take some time to explain our research at the lighthouse and describe how our work in Alaska contributes to the body of known information on humpback whales.


Heceta Head Conference

I had the good fortune to present a poster on our research at the Heceta Head Conference this past Saturday.  It stood as a stark reminder for me that 1) what we study is both interesting and important and 2) that even though the data processing is quite tedious, the results are still highly anticipated- by myself, my research team, and the greater community of humans invested in the ocean.
To that effect I wanted to upload the poster so that anyone stumbling on our blog would see (in a nutshell) how our research is unfolding.


Download the poster here: Heceta Head Coastal Conference Poster