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Our goal here at Sound Science is to do excellent science, while serving the communities both scientific and otherwise, that rely on ocean ecosystems. Our research credentials are extensive- our fundraising credentials are growing. See what your money supports below.

Research in 2021: listening to quiet oceans in response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically and nearly instantaneously shifted how humans interact with the natural world. With the cessation of marine tourism in 2020, Sound Science deployed hydrophones in Southeast Alaska in order to quantify what oceans sound like in the absence of human activities, and how do humpback whales communicate when the ocean is quiet. In 2021 we intend to continue this work and listen to how the ocean and whales respond to a world recovery from a global pandemic. This requires resources.

Fundraising Priority: $5000 for a longterm hydrophone

Our top fundraising priority for 2021 is to purchase a new hydrophone. These instruments are robust and long lived. A hydrophone purchase now is essential for our 2021 research and will serve us for many years to come. Support the effort here.**

What your general donations cover:

  • $25 – Food for our field team for one day
  • $50 – Batteries for one month of visual observations
  • $75- One month subscription to Garmin In-Reach to keep us safe in the remote field setting
  • $150 – Vessel fuel for one day
  • $500 – One hydrophone SD card so we can record sounds of the ocean
  • $1000 – One roundtrip plane ticket to Alaska for an intern or researcher
  • $2500- One Soundtrap ST300 hydrophone (for short term deployments)**
  • $3000- One 20 hp backup engine to keep us safe on the water
  • $5000- One Soundtrap ST600 hydrophone (for long term deployments)**
  • $9000- One 50 hp outboard engine to get us on the water to begin with
  • $10,000- 2 months of researcher time at a fair and living wage to complete data analysis
  • $50,000- a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) to facilitate our long term research program**

**Any individual (or group ) who donate the full price of a hydrophone or a vessel are given the privilege of naming that instrument. When on the water, our vessel name is how we identify ourselves toeach other and our maritime community. When we work with hydrophones in the field, all recordings are referenced to the name of the instrument that recorded them. Past hydrophone names have included famous female scientists (“Jane Lubchenko”), our pets (“Luna”), and various animals (“Bumblebee”). Hydrophones can last for many years, and we will happily let the ocean whisper sweet nothings to the name of your choosing. **

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Sound Science is a 501c(3) registered charity; your donations are tax deductible and our gratitude is sincere.