Bioacousticians use visual representations of acoustic energy known as ‘spectrograms’ to study animal sounds. This is particularly useful for marine organisms that are difficult to observe and rely on sound as their primary sensory modality. In the video clip below you’ll see and hear humpbacks whale calling in Southeast Alaska. Note- this is not song! Where only males produce song, male and female humpback whales produce sounds like these.


Below are a series of recordings of non-song vocalizations (“Calls”).  Most the recordings below were recorded in the summer of 2012. All were recorded in Frederick Sound, SEAK within 4 nautical miles of the Five Finger Lighthouse.

If you would like a copy of any of these sound files or corresponding spectrograms please e-mail me directly through the contact page .

Below are a series of recordings of humpback whale sounds made in Southeast Alaska between 1976-2012. Note that many call types are stable at the decadal scale.

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