Introducing Myself

Hello, my name is Morgan Kroeger and I am an undergraduate student at Oregon State University. I am studying fisheries and hope to be working with sturgeon in the future. I am finishing up my third year and I hope to graduate on time next year. From there I hope enter a graduate program and further my studies.

As of such, I do not have a personal project clipped on the back of this summer research adventure. I would certainly be delighted to interweave my own project into the upcoming research event, but I sincerely would not know where to start. As it is, this is a large and intensive project, and since I am not as experienced as the majority of my colleagues it is best that I focus on the main Acoustic Spyglass project before diving into other channels.

As for how I stand on this project, I am three parts excited, two parts nervous, and one part confident. I realize that these parts do not add up to anything coherent, but neither does the scale that I am basing it off of.

I am excited to be out on the island and get into the grit and grind of field research. I am excited to learn the seeming labyrinth of protocol, sampling methods, and the organized chaos that accompanies any kind of “out there” work. I am excited to further my knowledge of fieldwork and expand my skill set. I am excited to monitor humpback whales in their summer habitat. I am excited to be helping a project that will have an impact on management concerning humpback whales.


Me with some of the hiking gear that I’ll be bringing with me for the Acoustic Spyglass project

I am nervous about messing up in all ways possible. I know I can handle stress and pressing situations, but the prickling of nerves is still there under the skin, an impossible itch that will remain. I am not nervous about improbable threatening situations, like being struck by a summer storm when out in the kayak, or temporarily abandoning camp while the resident black bear casually ransack the little village of tents for food. I am nervous, maybe worried is a better word, about the little things. The small mistakes that can have quite the sucker punch, like dropping the theodolite, or incorrectly entering data. I know and understand that these worries are relevant, but they are held at bay with practice and training.

I am confident that I can integrate myself into the team and the research. I am confident that through the Acoustic Spyglass project I will expand and deepen my skill set regarding field work and data input. I am confident that I can and will help the Spyglass project further its study. I am confident that I will survive. I am confident that I will thrive.