Some thoughts from the field

Shadows Cast by Sound

I’m sitting in the center of our sturdy wall tent, listening to the soft hum of the fuel cell as it powers the device I’m using to write this down. I’ve got a free shift, something that has become a touch rarer since our eleventh(?) schedule revision. Normally, I’d be out on the kayak right now dropping my hydrophone and recording the soundscape at different points distributed throughout our survey area. But what a scientist wants and what nature is willing to provide often don’t match up, and Mother Nature doesn’t compromise. The currents are ripping right past our little island paradise, and Miche isn’t interested in seeing her interns drift away helplessly like her very own Wilson. Going down enough river white water in my life has taught me the importance of respecting the power of water. Ultimately, you can’t fight a large body of water and hope to…

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