FW255- Rough skinned newt

Teaching Field Sampling at OSU is a welcome respite from time spent in front of a computer, mentally computing stats, or answering the slurry of emails that show up every day in my in box.  Doug and I (see earlier post on teaching) rescued this little guy from the middle of the road at Finley yesterday, where he would otherwise have been a likely candidate for roadkill.
Despite this, I appreciated that in the face of danger (aka Doug Reese with a stick) his response was to lay quiet and still.  My response is often to retaliate, problem solve, and fix instantly, at times before I’m even aware of what the problem is… or if it’s a problem at all.  In this way I learned a little something from the newt yesterday, the value of stillness.
via My Instagram http://ift.tt/1qrxVN9

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