A Session 3 Shout Out!

Well Rapunzel Project Followers… I got a message in my e-mail box the other day wondering where on this blog were all of the stories about Session 3?  I must admit, I was a little surprised by the comment at first- certainly all of the Session 3 posts were obvious!  But when I actually looked through the site I realized the criticism was well deserved!  Somehow in the end of season scuffle I forgot to recap our wonderful Session 3 interns!  Their absence is only exacerbated by the nostalgic posts that keep trickling in from earlier sessions…. My most sincere apologies!

Session 3 was as different from the first two Sessions as… to be trite… a humpback and a killer whale.  Session 1 may have felt at time like having a house full of rowdy kids (Disney songs abound), and Session 2 unabashedly called me ‘Mama Miche”, but the family dynamic is Session 3  was more like the zany antics of teenage sisters.  The lighthouse, on some nights at least, was transformed from a  serious research station to a kitchen dance party.  Guests in attendance:5.  We had 4:30am dance parties (getting ready for dawn surveys), we had midnight post-cruise-ship-lecture dance parties (thank goodness for a day off every now and then!), we had country Tuesday dance parties (to celebrate 12-hour sampling days of course), we had an 80’s Wednesday dance party (to celebrate the whales talking), we found every reason to wiggle and wile away the moments between the science.

The bulk of the resource restrictions fell on Session 3, who handled the situation with grace and humor.  When the rain finally did start to fall and water was once again abundant, well for some reason our water usage didn’t really go up.  Once you get used to something, particularly something important, shifting back to excess just doesn’t feel right.  And while I can’t speak for certain of what it was like for the rest of the girls when they got home, I know when we all arrived in Petersburg we couldn’t get over how much electricity people used!

All of the rigamarole aside however, one of the things Session 3 excelled at was  getting the job done.  The problem was never with getting them onto the water, only with keeping them off of it.  Session 3 not only entered in the bulk of our hydrophone data, they did it in the cold, wrapped in blankets, with smiles on their faces.  If I failed to taut their excellence, than that’s a testament to just how strange and overwhelming leaving the lighthouse is; because to forget Kat, Courtney, Lisa, and Alexa would be no easy task.

Go see some pictures of Session 3’s adventures on their meet the researchers page.  It’s still a work in progress, but may tell you a little more about what our season looked like at the end.


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