Well Folks, as promised the Rapunzel Project is heading to radio. As a one-time DJ myself (KRNN Rain Country Radio Juneau) and former public radio employee, I believe in the power of radio.

Not everyone has the opportunity to see the things that field researchers see.  It is a privilege to be on the ocean with an eye and an ear to the waves.  With privilege comes responsibility.  It is our responsibility to communicate our experiences.  To give them away.  Truly, not everyone has the desire to live on a 3 1/2 acre island in remote Alaska, in the rain, for weeks, or even months on end, with nothing but the sound of feeding whales to keep them company.  But most people, I’d hazard to guess, are at least a little interested in hearing about it.

Jacques Cousteau said “People protect what they love.”

He also said:

“When one man, for whatever reason, has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself. “

It is our responsibility to share our extraordinary experiences in these oceans, so that others may grow to love them.  In this way, what starts out as a short spot on a university radio station… becomes a chance to change the world.

Tune in on April 29th at 7pm Pacific Standard Time.


Lingering Spouts

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