Meet our 2012 Interns!

If you’ve been reading along you should know that from mid-fall until early spring the Rapunzel Project has been on the search for interns.  Not only is coming to the Five Finger Lighthouse an amazing learning experience for any burgeoning nature enthusiast, but to be quite frank: I couldn’t do it alone. 

While the academic focus of the project is to determine the impact of vessel noise on humpback communication, it is important to the Alaska Whale Foundation, and to me personally, that all research have an educational component.  Science should have the goal of positively impacting something larger than itself, both in nature and in society.

Bearing this preamble in mind, this year twelve interns will join us at the Five Finger Lighthouse.  Our interns come from 4 different countries (US, Canada, Spain, Peru), and 9 different universities (Boston University, U. Vic, U. Miami, Eckerd College, Oregon State, University of Alaska Southeast, UW-Whitewater, U. Geulph and Cal Poly).  We collectively speak 3 languages fluently- and can probably get by with a few more in dire need.  Interns range from college freshman to recent graduates. 

They have studied in Australia, the Amazon, Ecuador, and Africa.  They have researched marine and terrestrial invertebrates, benthic ecology, oceanography, marine mammalogy and many forms of biology in between. They have volunteered at aquariums, zoos, and conservation organizations, worked on whale watching boats, in labs, and their fair share of restaurants.

We are extremely excited and proud to have them join the Rapunzel Project’s 2012 field season!

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