Sound Science Research Collective

Welcome to the Sound Science Research Collective. We are a federally recognized 501c(3) marine conservation non-profit dedicated to excellence in research and equity in science. Our team is made up of bioacousticians and ecologists from throughout the United States. We bonded over a common desire to do impactful ecological research and to empower overlooked and disenfranchised scientists to do the same.

Our work is primarily, though not exclusively, centered around using bioacoustics as a tool to understand the natural world and inform conservation problems. We are committed to providing a platform for young researchers and students, and seek collaborations with local communities or early career researchers interested in developing acoustic monitoring projects.

The following projects are currently at the forefront of our research program:

  • Anthropogenic Noise and the “Anthropause”: investigating the impact of COVID-19 on ocean noise reduction and humpback whale communication
  • Call and Response: using acoustic playbacks to experimentally test call function in Alaskan humpback whales
  • North Atlantic right whale hearing and sound production: reviewing the current state of the field

We will update this site and blog frequently as our research unfolds. As a small organization our work is funded on goodwill, hard work, and meaningful relationships. We welcome any donations. 


Michelle EH Fournet, PhD